Other Lift Products

Flex Step

A new product now available the “Flex Step” designed and manufactured to cover all your requirements with a wide range of finishes and materials available. The FlexStep Compact is the perfect solution to conquer split levels for all wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons in areas with minimal space. It’s the most space-saving lift on the market and at the same time it offers a design to satisfy even the most fastidious user.

Service / Goods Lifts / Dumb Waiters

Service / Goods Lifts provide a reliable and cost effective solution for the transportation of goods between floors. We can offer service lifts from 50kg to 100kg.

Standard features of our service lifts include

  • Serves up to 6 floors·.
  • Quick installation
  • No separate machine room
  • 3 phase drive unit (single phase available)
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Galvanised steel structure and machine access doors
  • Zintec or galvanised steel car, landing doors and frames
  • Stainless steel base and removable shelf
  • Single or through entry
  • Push button stations with car position and Photo Gallery indicators
  • Lift arrival and door open signals
  • Sizes can be manufactured to suit your needs

EA Lifts offers a complete range of Goods Only Lifts carrying from 50kg to 2000kg.

All of our lift products, whether a small dumbwaiter or service lift, or a larger goods lift will help you meet the requirements of the Manual Handling Regulations.

Many of our standard lifts are available from stock and subject to minimum builders’ work, can be installed and working within a few days.

Each lift has been tried and tested to meet the most rigorous standards including the latest European Standard EN81-3 – part of the Machinery (Safety) Regulations.

The lift will also help the building owner comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act.

All Goods Only Lifts come within their own self supporting structure which is easy to install and requires minimal builder’s work before and after the lift is installed.

No separate motor room or load bearing shaft is needed, which helps keep costs down.

Please download our product literature for detailed information covering Product Specification, Standard Stock Dimensions, Installation Notes and Builders Work.