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Help choosing the right lift

Choosing the right lift for your needs is a big decision.  There are many factors to consider before making your choice.   East Anglian Lifts will talk you through your options and advise on the best lift solutions available.  Consideration should be given to:  purpose of lift;  size and space available; maintenance and, of course, budget.

Platform Lift

Platform Lift (DDA – Wheelchair) – A platform lift is generally used and designed for disabled use. They are supplied with a steel supporting shaft and steel or glass infill panels. These lifts are very quick to install with a minimum amount of builders work, therefore making these lifts extremely cost-effective.  These can be the perfect solution for use as a home lift.

The most basic type is a low rise vertical platform lift (or step lift).  These types of lifts can be installed at the side of a single step or small flight of steps to take the passenger from one level to another whilst leaving the steps available for others to use.   They are suitable for vertical travel of up to generally 1 metre.  They can be installed internally or externally and have the capacity to carry the wheelchair user together with an accompanying attendant.

Low rise platform or step lifts comply with BS 6440:2011 The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.

Inclined platform lifts – Inclined platform lifts are an access solution if a building cannot accommodate a vertical lift.  An inclined platform lift carries a passenger safely over a straight or curved stairway, seated in a wheelchair or on the seat provided. These lifts consist of a level platform fixed to a diagonal runner at the wall side of a staircase. The platform is capable of carrying a wheelchair and travelling from a ground to upper level whilst leaving the steps clear for other users. When the lift is not in use, it can be neatly folded away.  These lifts can be installed and set up for travel up to any distance.  They can be installed internally or externally in both domestic and commercial locations.

Inclined platform (stair lifts) comply with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

An enclosed cabin platform lift is an ideal alternative for people who have difficulty with stairs that serve two or more levels.   Platform lifts of this kind generally are supplied with a fully enclosed shaft (rectangular tube) that is fixed to a wall and the lift car is self-supported within the steel structure.  This type of lift installation requires only small amounts of building alterations in comparison to a traditional passenger lift installation.   The shaft can usually be constructed with either solid or glazed walls or a combination of both and the lift can travel up to 12 metres depending on the model.  A wide range of standard or bespoke finishes are available to provide harmonious integration into most building aesthetics and colour schemes.

This type of lift installation is very popular within domestic and residential homes, care homes, offices as well as retail premises and hotels.  There are robust versions available for commercial and public access use.  Some, depending on model, can be installed externally as well as internally.

  • Vertical cabin lift can travel up to 12 m with a maximum of 5 stops, depending on model.
  • Maximum load, depending on model – 400 kg
  • Maximum travel speed – 0.15 m/s

Enclosed Vertical Platform Lifts comply with the European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC

Lead in time for lift delivery – 7 – 10 weeks from drawings approval.

Installation time – 2 – 5 days, depending on model.

Stair lift
– a lift in the form of a chair attached to a rail that moves alongside the wall edge of a domestic staircase.  It is used for carrying a person up or down floor levels.  This is a good choice for those with mobility difficulties but if a person is a wheelchair user it would be best to consider a wheelchair platform lift option.

Passenger Lift

Passenger Lifts – Passenger lifts are for general use.  They are available in standard sizes of 6, 8, 10 or 13 persons capacity with larger options available to carry 33 persons or more.  Passenger lifts can be supplied wall-mounted or structure-supported, motor room-less options are available and all lifts are supplied with a superb range of stunning lift car finishes.

Goods Lifts

Service Lift / “Dumbwaiter” (50 kg /100 kg) – A small lift that is the ideal answer to transport items between floors in a safe manner. Generally used within the food / restaurant industry, the car is finished in stainless steel, with a normal serving height of 800 mm. These lifts take up a minimal space with little builder’s works required. Standard packages (up to 4 m) available with no lead time.

Service / Trolley Lift  (100 kg – 500 kg) –  a lift which carries light- heavy goods vertically between floors.  These are often installed in retail, libraries, stock rooms etc

Gebhardt Goods Lift

Gebhardt goods lifts are the perfect solution for moving heavy or bulky goods (500 kg to 2,000 kg) vertically between floors.

The freestanding, stable, framework of the Gebhardt ConVer goods lift structure is of compact design with a very small footprint.  The lifts can travel up to 20 m with 2 to 6 stops and up to 12 doors. The lift’s minimal spatial requirement means that the GEBHARDT ConVer goods lift can be installed almost anywhere – also retrospectively.   Depending on the payload, a floor cavity or loading ramp of just 70 to 110 mm in height is required. These goods lifts are manufactured in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC are also suitable for use outdoors (up to -28°C).  The modular system ensures short delivery times, four to six weeks from drawing approval, and easy installation on site without cutting or welding work.

The Gebhardt goods lift is available as goods only or goods with attendant.  A Gebhardt 147 goods lift allows a trained attendant to accompany the load which can save time and unnecessary trips.

The East Anglian Lift Co are happy to talk through all the lift options available to help you make the right decision.  Please contact us for further advice.