Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts
Our platform lifts combine all the advantages of a conventional platform lift with the features of a traditional passenger lift.

We offer bespoke platform lifts which can be installed in a variety of structures, including their own structure-supported enclosure.    They can be manufactured to suit any shaft size.  A range of finishes and options enable the lift to complement your building interior.

Here is an example of one in our range of platform lifts and its benefits:

Example key benefits
•Up to 12m travel depending on model
•Compact footprint with a choice of entrance configurations
•Minimal builders work required and quick installation time
•Structure-supported enclosure –no lifting beam required
•Fully automatic cabin controls
•Enclosed cabin with full height light ray and safety edge protection, ensuring no encroachment on cabin size
•Energy efficient traction drive is ideal for medium rise applications
•Our drive system can be fully enclosed within the lift structure for easy incorporation into any building
•Low pit requirement with ramp option where a pit is not possible
•Choice of finishes and ceiling designs, including glazed cabin and structure.

These cabin lifts help to meet the requirements of:
•The Equality Act
•Part M of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) and Section 4.2 of the Technical Handbook(Scotland)
•British Standard BS8300:2009.  All of our lifts are CE marked and comply with the latest Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Standard features
•Structure supported enclosure with powder coated steel infill panels (RAL 9002 grey white)
•900mm clear opening at each entrance
•Panoramic glazed landing doors
•Two tone arrival chime at each landing
•Surface mounted call station with LED display and push button control
•Key switch to isolate lift at main floor
•Emergency lighting and alarm with back-up battery
•Three energy efficient LED cabin ceiling designs
•Choice of cabin walls and flooring to create your own unique lift
•Automatic button controls
•Audible and visual notification of floor level and travel direction
•Two-way intercom communication system for emergency calls
•Overload indicator
•Handrail in satin stainless steel
•Light ray curtain on entrance edges
•Automatic emergency lowering feature


SLplus datasheet 281114 801T

SL+ Loadings Fixings 281114 803T


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